Exotic Trophy Hunting in Texas

Select from several types of exotic animals

To many Exotic Animals and Wild Game, Squaw Mountain Ranch is home.

The exotic trophy hunts in Texas include : Axis Deer, Addax, Aoudad Ram, Blackbuck Antelope, white Buffalo, Buffalo, Corsican Ram, Fallow Deer, Hybrid Ibex, Mouflon Ram, Gemsbok, Nubian Ibex, Four Horn Sheep, Red Lechwe, Reg Stag, Sable, Scimitar Oryx, Texas Dall Ram, Zebra,Transcaspian Urial, Wildebeest,Trophy Elk and many others!

The Ranch also provides for the discriminating hunter who is searching for specifically requested animal hunts.

Catering to the individual client during their Exotic Hunt, at SMR we ensure that each fair chase hunt provides every Exotic Hunter with an impressive Trophy, which they would want to display in their Trophy Room. Squaw Mountain Ranch is proud of the outstanding Trophy Exotic Hunts that we provide for a reasonable price when compared to other ranches, while at the same time giving service and a five-star experience to the hunter, that will not be experienced elsewhere.

Squaw Mountain Ranch Allows Hunters The Opportunity to Hunt Trophy Animals In A Beautiful Environment in Texas

If adequate notice is given, then prior to your scheduled hunt, any species of animal that is not currently traversing the canyons of the Ranch, can be obtained in advance.

We may not be able to get a Rhino for you, but just about anything else can be acquired.

You may hunt Safari style, or Spot and Stalk or even from a blind, but despite which way you take your exotic, it will be a challenge and experience that will be unforgettable at the Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas.

  • Trophy — quality exotics
  • African, European and native species
  • Fully guided hunts on 2000+ acres at our hunting ranch
  • Corporate rates and packages available for exotics

We are always willing and happy to customize your hunt to include any type of combination you require: native games and/or exotics. If you want to hunt in style and comfort and are searching for a truly superior trophy exotic, you should consider visiting the Squaw Mountain Ranch, located in Texas.