Review of the Best 10 Under Bed Gun Safes

Whether you own one gun or a few firearms, you understand the need to hide guns away from burglars and children. The easiest way to do that is to use an under bed gun safe. The question with most homeowners is whether the safe is accessible enough in case an intruder breaks into the home. Although the gun safe under bed is not as accessible as hanging your firearm by your bedside, you can still access the gun fast, thanks to the use of a digital lock that is easy to open. Modern safes come with a biometric fingerprint entry system so you can access the gun with much ease.

Top Under Bed Safes for Your Guns

1. Monster Vault Dual Lock

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$$

The Monster Vault Dual Lock is so named thanks to its heavy build and the availability of two locking systems. It’s a defense vault that features 140 pounds of cold-rolled heavy-duty steel to keep your guns safe from intruders and elements. It is a heavyweight gun safe, which means the intruder has no chance with it. Inside, the safe has a fabric lining that wicks away any sweat and condensation to keep your guns dry at all times.

With its size, this safe can hold long guns, shotguns, pistols, ammo, and still leave room for any other item such as jewelry that you might want to keep safe.

The safe uses a programmable combination lock with a pin between three and eight digits for added safety. It also has a key that you can use for emergencies or when you cannot remember your combination pin. Thanks to its weight, it comes in handy for people living on the ground floor. Again, it is a spacious safe that will accommodate multiple guns, so buy it when you have more than a few guns.

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• Material: Cold-rolled steel
• Size: 48 X 28 X 7 inches
• Lock: Programmable combination lock and backup key

• Sturdy construction
• Spacious to hold many firearms
• Has a fabric lining to keep firearms dry
• Has a backup mechanical key

• It is very heavy
• Relatively pricey
• Not waterproof and fireproof

2. Hornady Rapid Safe

RATING – ****
PRICE – $$$

The Hornady Rapid Safe is an ideal unit for owners of guns, AR-15s and shotguns. It sports a 160-gauge hardened steel body, which makes it heavy and something burglars might not want to mess with. Hornady uses advanced RFID sensors that give you confort accessing your gun safe when you need it the most. Simply scan the RFID wristband provided, the key fob, or decal to open the gun safe.

Each safe is certified child-resistant as the manufacturer follows international gun safe safety standards for child, pry resistance and much more. The safe comes with pre-drilled holes for vertical or horizontal mount. It is AC and battery-powered, which makes it available every time you need it.

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• Material – 16-gauge steel
• Size – 40.5 x 13.5 x 8.7 inches
• Lock: Advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors and backup keypad

• Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel body
• Adjustable interior racks
• Portable at only 50 pounds
• Advanced security system

• The power cord is short
• Keypad stays on when connected to AC power
• Loud operation

3. Secure It Fast Box Model 47

RATING – ****
PRICE – $$$

The Fat Box is a safe all-steel gun safe for under bed designed to hold your long guns, short guns, and handguns. It features an digital lock with a keypad and a backup key override. With its 47 x 13 inches size, it provides enough room for more than one gun.

Even through the unit sports an all-welded steel construction, it is still lightweight at only 47 pounds. At the back, the unit has a louvered back panel that makes it ideal for vertical application. Inside, it has a neoprene pad cushion to protect your gun further. With a vertical kit, you will have storage for two rifles.

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• Material – All-welded steel
• Size – 47 x 13 x 6.5 inches
• Lock – Digital with key override

• Entry with a key override
• Holds multiple firearms including two shotguns, AR-15 with sights, and a handgun
• Lightweight construction

• The electronics might fail but the key won’t
• Its lightweight construction may not intimidate any burglar
• It has many bolt holes that you may never need

4. SnapSafe Under Bed

RATING – ****
PRICE – $$$

The SnapSafe Under Bed safe features a 14-gauge long-lasting steel construction to keep your firearms safe. It comes with bolt holes if you want to install it permanently. On opening, the safe slides out giving you quick access to your gun and anything else you might have stored in them. At 48 by 24 inches, the safe is large enough to hold at least two rifles, handguns, and ammo. You can also use it to hold jewellery and documents among others.

The safe uses a digital entry system but with a backup key for fast accessing the safe. You can program the lock to take between three and eight digits access codes. Its door is pry-resistant so children and burglars do not have access to the gun. Each unit comes with a 3-foot security cable that allows you to power your safe from three feet away.

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• Material – 14-gauge steel
• Size – 48 x 24 x 7 inches
• Lock – with a backup key

• Spacious interior to hold multiple firearms
• Padded for horizontal application
• Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
• Its drawer slides out smoothly all the time

• The beeping from the keypad is loud
• It is heavy
• The keypad is not easy to access at night

5. V-Line 2912-S

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$

If you need an under the bed gun safe to hold one gun or two handguns, this will come in handy. It is a 12 by 9 inches handgun safe that’s made of heavy-duty steel to make it safe. Since this is a small sized safe that burglars and children can carry away, you need to bolt it permanently under the bed for easy access and to ensure no one else gets to it. To do that, the unit comes with pre-drilled bolt holes.

Each safe uses a keyless lock that doesn’t require batteries. On the top surface are five buttons and a knob. Set the button combinations between one and five buttons to secure the safe. Like other units on this review, this safe also comes with a pry-resistant door to ensure children and burglars don’t get to the gun.

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• Material – Steel
• Size – 12 x 9 x 2.5 inches
• Lock – High-grade keyless

• Roomy enough to hold two handguns and ammo
• Doesn’t require batteries to operate
• The keyless system is safe with no chance of jamming
• Durable steel construction

• The lid can be challenging to open when you are in a hurry
• It can be challenging to set the security at first
• You have to push down the top to close it

6. Secure It Fast Box Model 40

RATING – ****
PRICE – $$

The Fast Box Model 40 is an ideal unit when you need to secure one rifle, a gun, and ammo. It can hold two rifles but they might not fit in an easy-to-get manner. It sports an all-welded steel construction that makes it 45 pounds when empty. When using it under your bed, the unit comes with pre-drilled holes so you can bolt it securely.

Secure It uses a lock with an override key in case the electronic lock fails or there is no power. It has a louvered back panel for vertical application. It also has a neoprene pad cushion for under bed use. It also has quick-release tie-down straps if you ever need to carry your safe out of the house. This one-rifle safe allows you to store the rifle with your scope and magazine still attached, and a gun.

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• Material – All-welded steel
• Size – 40 x 13 x 6.5 inches
• Lock –Electronic lock with a key override

• Lightweight construction
• Has a pad cushion that protects your rifle
• Comes with pre-drilled installation holes
• Holds a long firearm with scope and magazine still attached

• Only accommodates one rifle comfortably
• Lightweight construction might feel cheap
• The keypad is loud

7. V-Line Semi-Flat

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$

The V-Line Semi-Flat is another safe for your handguns. It accommodates two full-size handguns and still leaves room for magazines. You can use a lift-out half tray to organize the safe to allow it to hold small valuables and ammo. This being a small handgun safe, it is easy to attach beneath your bed for more confort. V-Line offers it ready with pre-drilled installation holes.

It uses a simplex push-button system that doesn’t require batteries or power connections. The buttons are on the side for quick response. The pull-out drawer has sliders to pull out your gun smoothly every time.

The box features a 12-gauge steel construction that makes it 21 pounds. Its exterior surface has a black powder coating. Inside, it has a 0.75-inch form to protect your firearms and your valuables.

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• Material – Durable 12-gauge steel
• Size – 11.5 x 8.75 x 2.5 inches
• Lock – Keyless pushbutton

• Sliders for smooth operation
• Has anti-pry brackets for added safety
• Quick access
• Large capacity to accommodate two handguns

• It might take more time to set up the lock
• Drawer might wobble a little when you pull out the drawer
• There is no larger version for rifles

8. Buffalo Tools UBSAFE

RATING – ****
PRICE – $$$

The UBSAFE has enough space to accommodate two rifles, a shotgun, a few handguns, ammo, and any other essential items you might want to protect. It sports a premium 14-gauge steel construction with a black powder coating that prevents rusting and keeps your guns safe. The unit slides open when you enter the password code and the key to open. The code is programmable into a three to eight digits code.

The door has anti-pry brackets that make it safe and ensure that children and burglars cannot get to it.

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• Material – 14-gauge steel
• Size – 48 x 28 x 7 inches
• Lock – Programmable electronic with backup override key

• High quality 14-gauge steel construction
• Sliders to accommodate up to 100 pounds
• Spacious enough to accommodate multiple firearms
• Has a cushion that protects your firearms

• Large and bulky to carry
• The locking system might fail
• The spacious interior can benefit from dividers

9. ECR4Kids Personal Safe

RATING – *****

If you need a spacious under bed gun safe on a budget, the ERC4Kids safe might be a good choice for you. It is spacious enough to hold up to two shotguns, a few handguns, magazines, and other essentials that you might want to protect. It comes with wheels so you can easily roll it away under the bed. Besides, it also has a steel security cable with a carabiner to secure the safe on the bed frame so it doesn’t roll away so far. With its wheels, it means that you cannot secure the unit permanently on the bed of the floor.

It sports durable plastic and metal construction with a smooth finish. When empty, the unit weighs 50 pounds. It uses a keyed entry unlike most other safes with digital locks. Although this might not be fast-accessible, it doesn’t fail and the manufacturer made it a challenge to pick.

You can open the door halfway if all you need is your handgun and ammo. When you need your shotgun or other gear at the farthest end, you will need to open the door fully.

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• Material – Plastic and metal
• Size – 26.5 in. x 16.3 in. x 5.8 in.
• Lock – Keyed

• Large capacity for shotguns and handguns
• Easy to use keyed entry
• Caster wheels for confort
• Comes with two keys

• Made of plastic, which means it is not waterproof or fireproof
• The keys are universal and may not be safe
• You cannot install it under the bed

10. Allen Company Rifle Storage Locker

RATING – ****

This locker is different than all the others in this review. Instead of steel, it is made of high-quality polyester fabric like a carrying case. It is spacious enough to hold up to four long guns comfortably. While there, the guns are safe from elements, but they may not be safe from children and burglars. Because instead of a locking system, the locker has zippers, children can get to it.

Inside, the locker has molded foam inserts that divide it into different compartments for each of your four rifles. It has a minimal design and clean aesthetics. All the sides and the top cover have a lining that further protects your rifles from elements and scratches. On the shorter sides, the case has loops with which you can pull it from under the bed. Better yet, you do not have to struggle looking for a key as all you need to do is unzip the locker.

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• Material – Polyester
• Size – 47 x 17 x 5 inches
• Lock – Zippers

• Affordable locker
• Spacious enough to accommodate four rifles with scope and magazine
• Has foam-molded inserts to organize the case and protect guns
• Easy to handle zips

• It is not safe for children
• It is relatively less durable
• The foam inserts minimize interior space

Under Bed Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

With so many under bed safes in the market, which one should you go for? Consider the following features:


You can attach a safe on the floor under the bed, on the board under your bed like a drawer, or you can just place it on the floor. The safe you choose based on placement will depend on which version you find easy to use and the height of your bed.

Ensure that the safe you choose has pre-drilled holes and comes with bolts or screws for installation. If the unit does not need installation, and instead rolls away under your bed, ensure it has attachment loops for ease of use.

Locking system

A gun safe protects your firearm from burglars and children. Granted, you need to have a secure entry system. Most safes today come with an electronic keypad system with an override key. The digital keypad is programmable and you can set a password code of between three and eight digits. The only challenging part about these locks is that they use batteries or need to be connected to a power source. For some, the keypad makes a lot of noise and will alert a burglar that you are opening a safe. However, they are not easy to break into.

Some modern safes come with RFID and fingerprint sensors so you can get to them with ease. These are the easiest to use, but they might cost a little more. It is still possible to see a keyed lock that is simple and affordable, but it is easy to pick.

Others have keyless push-button systems. Whichever lock you pick, ensure that the unit has anti-pry brackets to limit burglars.


The material determines the durability and safety of the safe. If you need the utmost durability and strength, choose a steel construction. Ensure the steel has a coating that prevents rusting. If you only need to keep your firearms safe from children, plastic and fabric materials with a strong padlock will work just fine. However, these two will not deter any burglar.

Storage capacity

How many guns do you want to store? Do you have long guns, shotguns, or handguns? The safes come in different sizes to accommodate your guns. For long guns, ensure the safe is at least 48 inches long.

Ease of use

The most challenging part of using an under bed safe is setting the locking system. Most digital locks are easy to set and the keyed system needs no setting. The only challenging setup comes with the keyless pushbutton locks and the sensor locks (RFID and Fingerprint). However, you can always follow the manual to set them with ease.


If your safe uses a digital lock, it needs batteries or AC power. Rechargeable batteries are better than replaceable batteries as they save you extra costs. Batteries come in handy in case of a power outage. If the unit uses an AC connection with no batteries, ensure that it has a backup override key.


An alarm is not a necessity but it alerts you when a child or any unauthorized person tries to access the safe.


Are gun safes easy to break into?

No, most locks are not easy to break into. However, if you need the utmost safety, avoid keyed locks and fabric material safes.

Should I buy a gun safe?

You should buy a gun safe if you need to protect your guns from elements, burglars, and children while making them easy to access.

Our Verdict of gun safes under bed

The Monster Vault Dual Lock might be one of the best under the bed gun safes if you are looking for a spacious safe to hold multiple weapons and if you need digital security. The safe comes with a cold-rolled steel construction, a digital lock, and a backup key.

If you want the ruggedness, security, and ease of access, but you are not willing to pay the premium price like you would with the Monster Vault, pick the Hornady Rapid Safe. It comes with RFID sensor locks, steel construction, and enough space to hold multiple rifles. It is affordably priced and weighs less than the Monster Vault above.

If you are on a budget and still need a functional unit, the ECR4Kids Personal Safe might be a great choice. It sports a plastic and metal construction with wheels so you can roll it under the bed. The unit is sturdy and tough regardless of its plastic construction.

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