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Houston Outfitter Services is a business run by hunters for hunters. We strive to recommend the top outfitters in Texas for your hunting and fishing experience. Outfitters who advertise with Texas Outfitter Services are true professionals and take great pride in giving you the dream hunt or fishing trip of a lifetime. Texas Outfitter Services wants to take the hassle out of countless hours of searching through magazines and websites to locate a reputable outfitter. We stand by our motto: “Live it, Love it, Experience it!”

The 2019 Houston Visitors Guide has named Houston Outfitters the premiere Houston outfitting service, hunting operation consulting service, and Deer Breeding Service. We are dedicated to providing an excellent product at a fair price. Our belief is simple always under-promise and over-deliver! So whether you’re looking for your next monster whitetail, trophy exotic, or want to take your hunting operation to the next level. We are here to meet every need that fits your budget. Houston Big Boar Outfitters covers the full spectrum of the commercial hunting industry from Addax to Zebra and everything in-between. So Kick off your boots, take a look around, and let us be “Where Your Hunt Begins”!

Hunting and the outdoors has been a life-long passion of mine since I can remember. So much so I want to share what Texas has to offer to everyone. This isn’t just a hobby or recreational activity; it’s a part of my life that is necessary as the air I breathe. Ask anyone who knows me and they will all say, “Jorge = hunting and the outdoors.” just like Bil from  Houston Divorce Counsel did. Whether it’s sitting in a blind in the dead of winter waiting for that mature buck to come out, or hitting the flats chasing reds and specks in the dead of summer, hunting and the outdoors in the Lone Star State is something that defines me.

I was very lucky to have had the opportunities to experience all that Texas has to offer even at a young age, which is some of the best hunting and fishing in the country! Here in Texas, hunting and fishing areas true to Texas as Longhorns and cowboys. It’s part of being a Texan. Being an avid outdoorsman, I have hunted exotics from all over, Whitetails, migratory birds, predators, varmints, and everything in between. Despite my many hunting travels I still believe that Texas is where it’s at.

hunting in texas
Hunting with Texas friends in the Everglades

I have a diversified background in the industry. I have guided, assisted in breeding programs, and have been a paying client. These unique experiences provide me with the knowledge to be able to understand many of the dynamics of commercial hunting in Texas. Being a guide and a paying customer, I know exactly what it takes to make a client feel like they got more than their money’s worth. Having these experiences, I know what to avoid so that disappointed customers are never a concern.

I graduated from the University of Texas Pan-American with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I was in banking for several years but decided that the outdoors is where my heart it. So, I took all of my experience with banking and business, coupled with years of hunting and ranching experience. I started Houston Outfitters and haven’t looked back since!


Listed below are some of the featured ranches currently that STTO offers hunts on, but we have access to virtually 1000’s of acres of prime hunting land in the Houston area. From El Paso to Texarkana, and Amarillo to Brownsville, the Texas Game and Hunting Ranch has a long tradition of providing quality hunting amid stunning vistas of Texas with a range of accommodations and services to avid hunters. Many of these ranch owners and their families have spent their entire lives hunting in Texas. Most of these ranches have been in the family for several generations. So, if you’re looking for a place to hunt deer, turkey, exotics, dove, quail, ducks or geese, just take a look below.


Welcome to the Big Draw Ranch, home to some of the best whitetail hunting in Texas! The Ranch has a rich history being once owned by the famous Moody Family out of Galveston, Texas. Since 2005, the ranch has been game fenced and some of the best genetics have been introduced into the ranch. The management program has been very intense and has led to a flourishing herd of whitetail. The Big Draw is operating as MLD III, so it gives the hunter the flexibility to utilize his tags elsewhere.

Located in Junction, Texas, this 1500 acre high fenced ranch is nestled in heart of the scenic Hill Country. The Big Draw offers affordable management hunts as well as one of a kind trophy hunts. Accommodations are 5-star from the spacious house to the insulated blinds.

So if you’re looking for that legendary Texas Whitetail Hunt where guests become family, look no further!

San Jose Ranch

Tried and true South Texas Trophy Whitetails is the epicenter of the San Jose Ranch. Located in Northern Starr, County Texas. This scenic South Texas Ranch offers some of the areas best stereotypical South Texas genetics. Ranch San Jose prides itself on offering great South Texas whitetails at competitive prices. The ranch has all the right elements to produce some of Starr County’s best Whitetails. The ranch has incorporated Lab Lab food plots, Winter Oats, and Lucina to produce impressive Whitetails year after year. From the moment you arrive, you will be hunting in a first-class operation, with all the amenities of a high-quality ranch. Equipped with some of the shooter friendliest blinds for any tool of the trade, rifle and pistol ranges, to the knowledgable guides, you will NOT be disappointed. Ranch San Jose is THE place for typical wide, tall, and heavy 200+ BC 10’s,12’s, and up, to impressive slick horned 140 and 150 class 8’s. So if you are after that legendary South Texas big boy come hunt with STTO at Ranch San Jose!

South Texas Ranch

If you’re looking for MONSTER WHITETAILS OR MASSIVE EXOTICS, come check out what we have going at the South Texas Ranch. For the last 5 years, numerous 220″+ whitetails have been harvested, and record bookmaking exotics as well. The ranch offers not only a top tier game but one of the nicest lodges in this part of the country, there is even an indoor pool!!!!

This 5-star high fenced ranch is located in Deep South Texas, in Starr County. It is 2500 acres and provides a one of a kind hunting experience for all you avid outdoorsmen and discerning hunters. So come experience what Trophy Hunting is all about, at the South Texas Ranch!!!!

Puerto Escondido Ranch

Welcome to the Puerto Escondido Ranches in Willacy and Brooks County.

Both ranches are nestled in deep South Texas and offer trophy whitetails and exotics from all over the world. This high fenced ranch offers a great hunting experience at very affordable prices providing great service, quality animals, and a relaxing atmosphere any hunter or outdoor enthusiast can appreciate!!!