Client Testimonials

My son and I recently had the opportunity to go hunting with George of Houston Outfitters. I will be recommending George and his outfitting service to all my friends up here in Colorado. I cannot say enough positive things about George. He is knowledgable, patient, and very skilled at what he does. And I have to mention the awesome trophy class animals he has on his properties. Once you see what he has to offer, you’ll want to be back for more.

George worked very hard to get the perfect opportunity for my 8 year old son to successfully hunt his first axis deer. George even let him use a rifle that he used as a young hunter. Needless to say, for a very inexpensive hunt, my son was treated as though he was hunting a big money animal. He has already asked when we can go hunting with George again.

I was blessed to have the chance to hunt a scimitar oryx with George. It was an extremely fun hunt. We scouted until I found the oryx I wanted. Then the stalk was on. His oryx herds are not tame in the least bit and like to run, providing for some excitement and challenge. After some time, George put me in position for the shot. After taking the oryx, George went to work dressing it, and preparing the head for taxidermy. He did an excellent job doing both.

It truly was a pleasure to spend the day hunting with George. I was with him from 7:30 am till 10:00 pm and got to experience a professional in action. Not only I, but both my sons will be hunting again with George in the future. My son and I had such a wonderful hunt with him we can’t wait to go back down.


Jeff H.
Littleton, Colorado

“George is a young up-and-coming outfitter in the industry and he will do whatever it takes to ensure his clients have a great hunt. I was recently fortunate enough to take a mature gold medal scimitar horned oryx bull with great 38″ horns. George gave me a tour of the entire ranch and he had plenty of mature oryx to choose from. If you have never seen an oryx on the hoof, they are very difficult to judge, especially at a distance. George never pressured me to shoot and it was entirely up to me as to what animal I wanted. George has a bright future in the outfitting business and I hope to hunt with him again in the future.”


Bryan T.
Dallas, Texas

Had the chance to hunt whitetail with Jorge on two hunts. First and foremost he is a very knowledgeable outfitter and guide regarding white tails and exotics. He is also a great guy to do business with. we became friends immediately and he made me feel like family. I have to say that my two hunting experiences with him totally changed what I considered a “great hunt”. He worked harder than any guide ive met to put me on a gorgeous 14 pt 163 BC whitetail and a 12 pt 160 1/8 BC whitetail. He absolutely delivered on his promise to out the quality deer i was looking for in the crosshairs. I will always recommend Jorge to anyone looking for an excellent quality animal at a fair price. Thanks Jorge!


Rene R.
McAllen, Texas


First I would like to thank you for continuing to check in with me after the hunt. I appreciate you doing what you could to get me on the ranch earlier like I wanted. I’m 100 percent confident I could have gotten one shot with a bow with a little more time. I had four good stalks and was within 40 yards twice but things just didn’t work out and I don’t like to force a shot. In the end it turned out to be fine to take my first oryx with a rifle, by that time in the hunt I had had a good experience and was ready to get the horns for the wall and see more of Texas!

I appreciated your confidence in knowing that I’d go home with a nice oryx! I loved the trip and would live to come hunt some other animals down your way in the future.

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with you again. I would love to see Texas again!

Casey L.

Douglas, WY

I have hunted with Jorge and Houston Outfitters for several seasons for whitetail. First off his operation in Encinal, Texas is first rate and five star. From the lodging to the food and his deer herd. I have booked two management hunts (139 3/8 BC typical 8pt & 146 7/8 BC typical 10pt) with him and one trophy (173 3/8 BC typical 13pt) and all I can say is that I’ve been back 3 times. His lodging was like staying at a resort. Queen size beds in every room, flat screen, every channel you can think of, steaks from Kansas and red snapper from the gulf. We hunted in some great accommodations most of his blinds are Atascosa blinds.

We spent 2 days looking for a deer he told me I was sure id be happy with and when he was dead and down I was! He worked as hard as any guide i’ve met to attend to every need and treat me like I was royalty. I highly recommend Jorge and his outfitting service to anyone. He has tons of great animals and you get your moneys worth.

Steven D.

Houston, Tx

Went hunting with Jorge for South Texas Whitetails in Encinal, Tx. I could not be more pleased with my choice to use him. At first I was a little skeptical using his outfitting service, I have 20+ yrs of hunting on him, but I quickly learned that this “kid” knows his stuff! He was also a great guy getting to know. He has a passion for nature, the outdoors, and hunting. You can really tell the moment you meet up with him. Everything he promised over the phone was far exceeded as well.

The hunt was during 1st week of December. Everything I had heard about hunting Wt’s in South Texas was no joke. We saw plenty of activity and he has some monsters on that place! I was after a management buck 140 BC or less. However, when he picked me up from the airport he informed me that they had an 8yr old buck that was a 158 BC but had broken off the end of the main beam. He said if I liked him I could take him at no extra charge because his age. On the second day of the hunt we went out just before first light and set up in a ground blind in the area he had been most active. An hour and half and two dozen deer later he finally came out. I put my pin on him and lights out.

I was very pleased with my experience and have shared Jorge’s services with all my friends and anyone looking for an amazing hunt, 1st rate accommodations, and a stand up guy.


Jimmy C.

Madison, Wi

Hunted with Jorge for the 2011 dove season and had a blast. The location that he has for his hunts is one of the best areas in Texas. The hunt was a lot of fun. Birds were flying in every direction and Jorge made sure everything was going well. He was really attentive and even offered to go to the corner store numerous amounts of times. Despite the South Texas heat it was a great day. I would recommend to everyone and anyone one of Jorge’s dove hunts. For the price you can’t beat it his dove hunts are very reasonable!

Chuck G.

All I have to say is hunting was great plenty of doves. Great price and a great host. We will be back next year!



Thanks very much Jorge! We again had a great time and thanks for all You did! Thanks again and God bless! We’ll see you when the mounts finish up

J. Johnson
San Antonio, Tx

I recently went on an oryx hunt with George. When he first contacted me he stated he did not have any oryx available but would try to find some. He emailed me a few days later to tell me he found a ranch to hunt. He answered all the questions that I had. We picked a date. Night before the hunt we went to a pool hall. We got to know each other and he explained last minute information about oryx and the hunt in general. The morning of the hunt he picked me up and took me to the ranch. There was no pressure on the hunt. I told him which one I was going to take. Due to the time of day and the long drive ahead, George suggested a taxidermist for me to use and took me there. Before I left he told me when I make the trip back down for my trophy to give him a call so we can get together and do some fishing. Spend one day with him and he will treat you like he has known you for years. Makes it feel like you are hunting with a friend, not a guide. I will recommend him and use him again.

Brandon H.
Plum Grove, TX

Wanted to share a FANTASTIC experience with outfitter Jorge Sakai with South Texas Big Bore Outfitters. He lined this once in a lifetime hunt up for me to give to my DH for Christmas at the La Escondida Ranch in Brooks County. The hunt was a great success and Jorge is a heck of a great guy and was nice to meet you Jorge! DH is still grinnin from ear to ear. THANK YOU again Jorge!

M. Stade
East Bernard, TX

I cannot say enough positive things about Jorge, aside from knowing his stuff, he is just one of the best guides to spend three days with. He really completes the hunting experience, he is non stop and making sure everything is taken care of. He has some really impressive places down in South Texas that offer up anything from management to big trophies. I highly recommened him.

D. Moore
San Antonio, TX

Thanks Jorge we had a blast hunting with you and your one kickass guy. We will be back for your dove season for sure!

R. Rangel