Houston Fishing Guides

Houston Fishing Guide Service provides all the equipment you need for a successful fishing trip. We have 20 years of experience providing a private fishing charter service to anglers of all ages and different skill levels from Houston, TX, Austin, San Antonio, and Victoria. Whether you are on vacation or just want a fun break, our services provide an inexpensive way to relax on the lake and find your next meal.

Our state has 4,959 square miles of inland water, first among the 48 contiguous states! In addition, a majority of the state’s water is fertile and offers plentiful food supply for the fish anglers love to find. What this means is, good fishing possibilities await you in Texas lakes! We specialize in the two power plant lakes near San Antonio: Braunig Lake and the larger Calaveras Lake. The big fish to be found here are redfish hybrid stripers, catfish and bass.

Our charters are perfect for any occasion, whether birthday parties, business entertainment, or something else!

Houston Fishing Guide Service

Houston Fishing Guide Service offers half-day and full-day fishing trips. Our rates are competitive and Affordable Guide Service knows where to take you to maximize your enjoyment! We look forward to sharing your enjoyment with you!

Affordable Fishing  Guide Houston will live up to its promise of a: “guaranteed catch!” Give us a call and reserve a private fishing charter trip with us!

If you’re interested, here’s a great list of the top 10 fishing spots in Houston from Kidventure Summer Camps.

Freshwater Fishing

With countless streams and rivers and its many freshwater reservoirs, Texas offers anglers many options for sport fishing. Freshwater species of fish include: large and smallmouth black bass, white bass, striped and spotted bass, five different species of catfish including blue and channel cats. There are also the ever-popular crappie and sunfishes as well as carp, gar, and suckers.

Saltwater Fishing

The Gulf of Mexico offers an almost limitless array of saltwater fishing from piers, wade fishing, bay fishing, and deep-sea fishing. The Texas coastline is hoped to a number of species of fish: Red Drum, Tarpon, saltwater catfish, croakers, and sea trout to name a few.

  • Baffin Bay * Laguna Madre * Land Cut
  • Captain Joe Miles
  • Ph: 361-452-1123
  • Cell: 361-947-7062
  • Email: jmiles@stx.rr.com


  • Laguna Madre* Land Cut * CC Bay
  • Capatain Spud O’Neal
  • Ph: 361-510-4440
  • Email: spudoneal@att.net


  • Saltwater Finantic Guide Service
  • Baffin Bay * Laguna Madre
  • Captain Scott Hedrick
  • Ph: 361-274-2366
  • Austin Outfitters
  • Captain Jeff Austin
  • Ph: 361-510-8708
  • Email: info@jeffaustinoutfitters.com


  • Matts Fishing and Hunting
  • Captain Matt Stennett
  • Ph: 361-232-0739
  • Email: stennettmat@yahoo.com


  • Laguana Madre * Baffin Bay
  • Captain Dale Coffman
  • Ph: 361-229-3474
  • Email: CaptainDaleC@yahoo.com

To become a successful fishing guide one needs to learn fishing techniques and tactics, study the biology and behavior of fish species, and fish in a specialized body of water for years to consistently produce results for clients. We have 20 years of experience in guided lake fishing for private clients! So, you can rely on us for an exceptional experience on the water.

It takes time to “read the water” and have a sense of where fish will turn up. But, a seasoned fishing guide is also a cheerleader and an instructor for customers. At Affordable Guide Service, we have mastered the skills needed to be able to deliver a successful experience for you, no matter what your fishing skill level or aptitude for fishing.

You must have a fishing license to fish, and you can find out where to buy your fishing license from the website of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual website. Contact us today to reserve a private fishing guide from Houston Fishing Guide Service, and to learn more about our private fishing guided tours.