How to Gauge Which Shotgun is Best

Determining the Best Bore for Your Hunting

Matching the gauge to your hunting needs is perhaps the single most important decision when buying your first shotgun, but it really comes down to a few basic questions.

Selecting a Professional Taxidermist in Texas

Choosing the Right Taxidermist Vital to Trophy Quality

Selecting a taxidermist to mount that big buck or stringer of lunkers is just as important as choosing the right hunting or fishing equipment. The ten-point buck is field-dressed and loaded for transportation. The angler is on the way in from the fishing hole with a live well full of big, beautiful bass. Both of these sportsmen plan to have their game mounted for display on their cabin walls. The choices they make about taxidermy will determine the quality and beauty of their resulting trophies.

Buy the Right Knife for Hunting and Fishing

Knives Differ in Design for Different Uses

Every serious outdoorsman or woman needs good knives. Excellent, affordable knives are available for every outdoor sport.

The Future of Hunting Rights

Organizations and Individuals Join in Efforts to Preserve Hunting

While difficult decisions remain, there is reason to be encouraged about the future of public hunting opportunities in the U.S.A.

Gun Care & Cleaning for New Owners

Keep Guns Clean for Top Shooting Performance

A firearm is an investment. The owner has purchased an expensive piece of equipment that deserves proper care to keep it in top condition.

Texas Coyote Hunting

A Look at Varmint Hunting

Open season on coyotes keeps these opportunistic predators in check.

Finding Wild Turkeys & Deciding Where to Hunt in Texas

Selecting the best site for turkey hunting means finding good terrain and then thinking like a turkey.

How to Turkey Call

Wild Turkey Hunting and Calling Gobblers

Spring turkey hunting requires calling in the gobblers. Practice before going on the hunt.

Getting Ready for Turkey Season

Checklist for Spring Turkey Hunters

As turkey season approaches, hunters get ready. The following checklist helps put preparations in order.